HDPE Flow Stopping

  • Flow Stop (Squeeze-Off) of a wide range of sizes,

  • Replacement of squeezed area by Golden Welds, Flange arrangement, tested VAF arrangement and or what the design proposes,

  • Double Block and Bleed with Nitrogen Purging,

  • Qualified and approved team to weld Electro Fusion and Butt Fusion of all sizes in HDPE installations,

  • Pressure testing of newly installed systems where applicable,

  • All tie inns are methodically conducted with safe, non-flammable and anti-static gear,

  • Live dig supervisors overseeing the tasks,

  • Live dig/civil works,

  • Completions and rehabilitation post works,

  • All QA documentation and Survey data collection,

PPS is a business specializing but not limited to flow stopping and live tie inns on HDPE in the CSG industry. With their leading technology and vast experience within the team, no task is too small or too large.

PPS is striving to assist with the client’s needs, problem solving and emergencies on short notice.

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