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Hydro Testing

At Poly Pipe Solutions, all our prefabricated works undergo comprehensive hydrostatic testing in accordance with APGA guidelines. Our quality focus and commitment to meeting and exceeding industry standards give our clients confidence that PPS projects are supported by pipes and welding that have been thoroughly assessed to ensure strength, performance and durability.


Where practicable, we fabricate our pipes offsite to minimise disruption to your worksite. Our installations generally only require a small number of golden welds to join new and existing piping. All PPS golden welds are created by highly skilled welders. Our process includes creating an in-situ production weld which is sent away for destructive testing to prove the welder’s competence. The golden welds are then exposed to visual in-service testing and snoop testing post-commissioning where possible.

Mobile hydrostatic testing services

PPS can provide mobile hydro testing at any worksite or workshop, reducing your equipment’s downtime and eliminating the hassle and cost of transport.  


PPS is a member of PIPA (the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia) and is committed to staying up to date with changes and additions to industry standards.

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