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HDPE Pipeline Repair, Replacement & Installations

Poly Pipe Solutions offers specialist expertise in the repair, replacement and installation of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipelines. All crew members have extensive experience in HDPE welding on CSG gathering networks and can weld any size of HDPE pipe or fitting using electrofusion, butt fusion and extrusion welding.


We’re renowned for our ability to perform live tie-ins and have the experience and equipment to conduct hot taps of all sizes. In areas where hot taps cannot be performed, we can conduct flow-stopping (squeeze-off) services to ensure an uninterrupted flow around the area being replaced or repaired.    


All PPS HDPE welders are qualified, trained and have extensive knowledge of the requirements and guidelines of the APGA CoP. We invest heavily in ensuring our skills are current and sector leading.


PPS keeps thorough records of all welding conducted in accordance with the AGPA CoP to ensure our welders’ work complies with destructive testing requirements and give our clients comfort in getting quality and complying welds done on their gathering lines. All works performed are completed with thorough QA documentation, including field inspection check sheets, and compiled in a material data record (MDR) package following project completion.

Poly Pipe Solution’s HDPE and steel pipeline capability:

  • Managing complete projects involving HDPE networks and pipeline installations

  • HDPE pipe welding from 63mm to 1200mm

  • HDPE live tie-ins (hot tapping or squeeze-off)

  • HDPE extrusion welding (pond liner repairs, tanks, leaks and fabrication)

  • CSG lease pad tie-ins

  • CSG lease riser replacement

  • HDPE gathering networks and loop lines

  • ClockSpring (contour) wrapping

  • LockRing repairs (cold welding)

  • Preventative maintenance using 3-ply wrapping on steel pipe

  • Preventative maintenance using Denso (petroleum) wrapping on underground services, i.e. flanges, valves, steel piping, etc.

  • Emergency response on all gathering network repairs

  • Fabrication and replacement of high point vents (HPV), low point drains (LPD), drain injection points (DIP), water supply pipe stands (turkey’s nest), water plant modifications, pond floating suction pontoons and strainers, etc.

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